100% Aloe Vera from organic crop

Aloesol represents our idea of maximum quality of aloe vera: high quality of raw material, gentle harvesting process, perfect traceability and innovative extractive technology.

Spanish Aloe Vera from Malaga

Aloesol is produced only from Spanish organic crops located in a natural and sunny area in Malaga. These organic crops are controlled by Spanish Organic Councils (Malaga and Madrid).

High content in acemannans

Our certificates of analysis contain the calculated value of acemannans using HPLC method for every aloesol batch produced.

Aloin - free

Free Aloin. According to European limits, < 0.1ppm.

Perfect Traceability

Raw material from each batch produced is controlled “from the farm to the fork”.

R + D + i

Our partner Veracetics is continuously innovating in its production of new aloe vera products with new properties and applications.

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