Aloesol is Aloe Vera with Sanitary and Organic Crop Certification.

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Aloesol meets a strict Quality Management System which ensures that the product obtained is 100% Aloe vera guaranteed under the following conditions:

  • Temperature controlled extraction ≤ 10 º C (keeping intact components)
  • Humidity control ≤ 75%
  • Acemannans concentration control

Perfect Traceability

Raw material from each batch produced is controlled “from the farm to the fork”.

Perfect Control Process

Time of harvesting to final storage is less than one week. This ensures high freshness index of aloe leaves.

Aloesol is obtained only from Aloe vera leaf under a patented process to get the best product to offer to the market under strict quality controls.

Complete product

Aloesol quality is higher than other marketed aloe products:

  • High content in active polysaccharides: acemannans
  • High content in minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium
  • High content in trace elements such as native Germanium
  • Aloin-free which means no bitter taste and no laxative action
  • High safety use: children, pregnant women, older people…
  • HACCP processing system
  • Health record handling


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