Which Aloesol is better with or without fibres?

Both aloesol have the same content in acemannans (active principle), but aloesol with fibres contains more vitamins and minerals than aloesol without fibres, because aloesol with fibres is not filtered.

Why is there conventional and organic Aloesol?

Aloesol juice and powder are manufactured using the same organic aloe vera plant cultivation. Nevertheless, in the conventional one sorbate and benzoate are added to stabilize the juice. These two allowed additives in conventional products cannot be incorporated in ORGANIC products.

May Aloesol be used in capsules?

Aloesol 200:1 is specially designed for whoever wants to use aloe in powder. It can be used in the production of capsules and tablets, as well as to reconstitute aloe juice.

What kind of official stamps must be shown on the label of final products when Aloesol 100% ORGANIC is used?

Aloesol 100% ORGANIC is delivered with European and Spanish organic stamps. The label on final products must be approved by the Spanish Organic Council before it can be used.

Which Aloesol presentation is better for cosmeceutical purposes?

Both presentations Aloesol 10:1 juice and Aloesol 200:1 powder are useful to combine with different ingredients used in cosmetic formulas.

Is Aloesol standardized in acemannans?

Our certificates of analysis contain the calculated value of acemannans using HPLC method for every aloesol batch produced.

Is Aloesol totally of Spanish origin?

Aloesol is produced only from Spanish organic crops located in a natural and sunny area in Malaga. These organic crops are controlled by Spanish Organic Councils (Malaga and Madrid).

What is the caducity of different Aloesol presentations?

We offer two main qualities of Aloesol. The conventional one has 24 months of caducity and the 100% Organic one has 18 months of caducity.

Why is the quality of Aloesol higher than other aloe vera products?

Many aloe vera juices on the market are made after the reconstitution of aloe vera powder, which has an important content in maltodextrins. Aloesol 100% juice is directly obtained from plant leaves and contains 99.8% aloe and 0.2% citric acid as pH corrector.


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